The demands of a truly global business environment are forcing today's companies and their management teams to reevaluate the ways the internal resources are used. The notions of core competency, proper labor allocation, and budget awareness are coming to the forefront of management ideology and are driving the way projects are completed and business is done. More and more organizations are focusing their energies on what they do most efficiently and rely on their partners to perform the rest.

United Power Technologies, and its Drafting Division, allows our clients to outsource their non-critical, yet highly-valuable, drafting projects to a trusted service provider. Our experienced CAD drafters will transform manual or blueprint designs into 2D or 3D computerized drawings with as much precision and detail as required by our clients. Speed, accuracy, and budget consciousness are guiding factors for all of our drafting assignments.

Our areas of expertise include Paper-to-CAD conversion of (using AutoCAD 2000 and up):

  • Architectural Drawings
  • Engineering Drawings
  • Mechanical Drawings
Regardless of the discipline, we will convert any paper, raster, or PDF drawing to any industry standard CAD format on time and within budget. By taking on the time-intensive drafting projects, we allow our clients to spend more of their valuable time on design, customer service, and business development.

For more information about these services please contact us by phone at 410.753.3525 or via e-mail at

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