At United Power Technologies we strongly believe in creating and maintaining long-lasting partnerships with our clients. We strive to learn the intricacies of our clients' operations while educating them on our own business and outsourcing processes thus solidifying a mutually beneficial relationship and providing the right solutions at the right time. By closely working with clients, United Power Technologies gains a wealth of experience and knowledge across many business sectors. We leverage this information in all of our engagements.

United Power Technologies offers a broad range of services within the fields of engineering and technology. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest levels of service and professionalism to all of our clients for the duration of any project and beyond.

Our capabilities include:

We also understand that flexibility, on behalf of the service provider, is one of the key components to providing a high quality service. In order to do so, we offer our services to our clients via different engagement models that take into consideration the requirements and constraints of each project.

"Macroeconomic pressures and ever-increasing competitive construction and architectural climate have forced professional firms to rethink the way they do business. The convergence of technology and globalization has paved a clear path for architects and engineers to succeed in the global economy by leveraging outsourcing. Firms that embrace the trend today are well equipped to compete, innovate, design and inspire the building industry of tomorrow."
-- Industry Keynote Speaker
Global Outsourcing Summit 2004

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