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United Power Technologies strives to leverage its assets from all over the world in order to achieve the proper balance of resources and the blend of talent. Our selective recruiting process along with rigorous training and development procedures ensure that only the most qualified professionals are chosen to work on our clients' projects.

Throughout the engagement, our project managers in the Maryland offices remain in close contact with our customers. They collect and review the project requirements, review the work of project personnel, and submit the deliverables for comments and feedback to our clients. In turn, our clients always have a single point of contact for their respective projects and any issues that might arise during the work process.

By educating our clients on our own outsourcing methodology and on the best practices of others, we aim to infuse confidence in the hearts and minds of our customers while delivering the required results. Our proven outsourcing techniques benefit our clients not only by providing them with a lower cost service and shorter turn-around times, but also with the quality products that inspire long-term relationships.

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